Creation By Community

These days it can be a brute to get noticed amidst all the noise out there.

So some SMEs are putting on their thinking caps and using all the tools available today to launch creative campaigns to engage people. What’s the best way to do that?  Make community collaboration not only an idea generator, but also a method to grow the community.

One such company is AdHack, an online community where ad creators and ad buyers connect to produce high-quality, low-cost, commissioned ads.

The company posted an entertaining cliff-hanger commercial on You Tube during the super bowl that began a story, and then asked anyone out there to complete it, in a contest for production of the ad’s sequel.

The AdHack “Show Us Your Balls” commercial placed within the top 100 viewed Canadian videos on YouTube, and the related contest page had over 4,000 new visitors in the first couple of days post-launch.


One Response to Creation By Community

  1. James says:

    Tony, thanks for the post and kind comments about AdHack. We’d be glad to help any SMEs access great creative people to create world-class ads.

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