It’s not magic

Just a quick kick off on the subject of creativity.

Many people think it’s some kind of magic possessed by a lucky few. This is especially true among scientists, engineers, and inventors who sometimes see themselves as the keepers of the flame of creativity, the cult’s high priests so to speak.

But creativity is innate in every human being. In fact we are one of the few species in existence that possess the ability to create at birth.

Studies on creativity have shown that more than 95% of 5-year-olds can be said to be highly creative. But as they age they unlearn that creativity. In adults who have been forced into “logical” thinking patterns by our industrial society, it can be rekindled through a variety of tools and techniques.

However random creativity is often chaotic, disruptive and wasted. Instead, adults and members of all organizations must not only learn how to be creative again, but how to channel that creativity for useful and practical purposes.

Enough said for now. More latercreative process, thinking


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